Zachary's conceptual photographic work focuses on the theme of indirect expression in photography. Everyday subjects may appear to be natural at first glance, but upon closer inspection, they contain something unnatural or surprising. Such subjects arouse the viewer's curiosity and make him/her think deeply. They also lead the viewer to the interesting aspect of the work. This kind of work, which emphasizes composition, point of view, lighting, and storytelling, is also been described as "the quite impact".

Currently, Zachary  is currently pursuing a Ph.D in Fine Arts Study at Tokyo Zokei University.

ワン ザカリー ユジュン



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group exhibition

・2022/01 " LIFE LINE ", Gallery FACE TO FACE, Sugimami, Tokyo, Japan

・2017/07 " CA. 94965 ", 625 Gallery, San Francisco, United States


・2018/04 " 'HAPPILY TOGETHER' 面白 ", United States

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